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portland brunch food photographer
portland cocktail food photographer
portland oregon food photgraphy
portland oregon photographer rebecca rizzo
portland oregon food photographer rebecca rizzo
portland catering food photographer

Louder for those in the back:

No more bad pictures of good food.



Food photography has been a passion of mine since I started my career back in 2006.

The saddest thing ever is going to a restaurant’s website or social media page after an incredible (and beautiful) meal and seeing blurry phone photos, or unappetizing colors. 


My goal in life as a food photographer is to help Portland restaurants and chefs and bakers and bartenders never do that again.


Your expertise isn’t in attractive photography, it’s in delicious food- and I get that. Let me take your hard work and show future customers what it REALLY looks like.




portland beer food photography
portland catering food photography

Ready to do this thing? AWESOME.

For a limited time, packages are just $300 and include:

  • In-person or phone consultation 

  • Up to two hours at your business

  • Beautiful, high resolution digital images of your food, of your space, and of YOU!

Thanks! Message sent.

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